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JI started a solo survival kn abberation, and wanted a…

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JI started a solo survival kn abberation, and wanted a baryonyx first thing ( i had tamed one early in all of my other survival worlds ) and I new that to find one, i would need to look in the biolumenescent zone, nor knowing its dangers. This is when I was on my way there and I saw a beutifull tek parasour. It was level 130 and so I bolad it and tranqued it. The second it was tamed, a roll rat cameover to say hi, and my i told my parasour to run and I died. I came back, and the roll rat wasngone and my parasour had less than 200 hp. I let him regen, and i went on my quest. I had named him DK Metcalf (he was Seahawks colors) and he was there for me, and i was almost to the edge, when some ravagers assaulted. I knew he couldnt fight them off, so I got of and ran. Once I got about 15 meters away i turned around in time to see DK fall to the beasts. He fought well, and I will always remember him. I can still hear his dying roar to this day :'(

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