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I have a lvl 170 Baryonyx that I tamed at lvl 20.

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I have a lvl 170 Baryonyx that I tamed at lvl 20. He was 85 in the wiled and about 120 when tamed. She is now 170, my strongest tame, and has killed many alpha carnos and raptors, and has a husband Dilbert and has a few kids. Except for one day, my brother was on dilbert and i told him to NOT harass the jellyfish but he did it anyways, so I hadnto save him and Dilbert, and my baryonyxnwas stunned. I came back on one of her children (0% imprent because an event had 2x growth speed but not imprinting) and so I came back amd decimated the jellies, and only dilbert was there, and he was almost dead, so I had to evac him out of there.(the game didnt say berry died) and I searched for like 30 mins, and then the next day I searched for an hour or so before I gave up and transferred another baryonyx from crystal isles (named Berry Benson, no B. In the middle) and on my way to the terminal on the beach I saw my baby she was there, the frikin jerk gave me a heart attack.

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