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I was playing on The Center on Primitive+, I had one of these prehistoric big puppers (not lystos, they are just prehistoric puppers) who we will name... Billy, because I can't remember the name. Billy was the best harvester I had, the only harvester I had actually. We were so happy together. Until, a dreaded day came. We were minding our own, when a raptor came. The raptor killed me and attacked Billy. Unfortunately, moschops' are to stupid to attack back, so he was chased away. I was devastated. BUT THEN, I was minding my own (again) when I saw yellow numbers. "What?" I thought. When I investigated, guess what I saw. BILLY FRIGGING IN A CORNER BEING ATTACKED BY THE RAPTOR (or another raptor idk). How he lived that long with that raptor violating him... I have no clue. I killed the raptor and saved Billy. But now.... Billy is just chillin' in my deleted realms of ARK

Thank u very much for reading my story :>

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