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For every one who wants to tame a mosasaures today I am going to share my nolage first of all Mosquera are so hard to tame because they are very hard to find even if you did find one they tend to despawn vey quickly so I recommend you search for one and get your gear to tame as soon as you find the Mosquera another thing is that there torper is very high so it will take more dart or tranq arrows to tame at least 2 hundred or so I recommend useing scuba gear because I tried to tame one with out scuba gear and I payed the price I lost a level 5 mosa wild not any mosa a level 5 albino mosa my favorite color in mosa albino is also a great color for Tex saddles I play on ark mobile by the way many mosas can be found near plant island usually a albino mosa spawns but not all the time sometime green mosas in land green mosas color is gold there is also a black veryation in the mosa

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