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Don't try to use anything unless you live me worry I can just actually go and one punch knocked out a Meghan Trainor and then knock it out but be sure to give it it needs all you give it kibble and it wouldn't be and it's not even venomous is not even anything but this is kind of like a if you had the mod with ASP Dino's power Dino's and wait actually it's not an ASP it's like a gecko it's it's a gecko that they speak gecko a speed Checker and me not speak gecko not Chica I mean a speed gecko it's a metre so you better bring a lot of narcotics you so you better be on creative mode and make a lot of narcotics and in can go on the ground and move out of and move different ways it's kind of like the rock elemental or rock on it's whatever you want to call it it instead for it doesn't turn into a rock it can go underground in move out of a cage so don't even try to kg up ill just go under it sometimes you can be lucky to get it rains in one shot but I can just hit it and it's knocked out b

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