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How to tame a megalania on fjordur:

(based on own experience)

Go to volcano island

You will need:

•A X bow or a longneck rifle, together with 20-30 tranq arrows or darts(i tamed it with arrows it was not that hard)

•A TON OF NARCOTICS, They wake up so goddaammm fast(i had nothing when taming mine, i almost killed w tranq arrows)

Where to find:

I found plenty of em in the volcano part where huge flows of lava go downstream to meet the sea, where there is a huge rock just before the oil lake.

How to tame it:


its as simple as that. Find somewhere high and vertical so that the megalania doesnt get to you, never saw one climb before being tamed(maybe because im not that pro of a player) and i can almost guarante that with a few good hits, it can be very easily knocked out.


Feeding it can be pretty tricky, i found that being next to it until it tames is the best choice, as tranq arrows can take a lot from megalanias health and is torpor drops uncannily fast.

ITS BEST STATS ARE: (in no particular order)





Hope you liked it, sorry if not as useful, always trying to improve, peace outtttt


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