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(PC user here, taming in the bug cave on the island)

• easy to knock out, hard to keep down. bring a lot of narcotics.

• i brought my megatherium with me, and she was a huge help as she deterred most of the hostile creatures from attacking us. the stuff that DID decide to throw hands... well, it didn't last long.

• WEAR REPELLENT. bring some for your tames, too, if they're tagging along. bring more than you need; you never know how long you're actually going to be in the cave.

• if you don't have kibble, you can kill titanoboas in the cave for prime meat; i tamed a lvl 21 male with it. just don't wander too far from your meg, or it might wake up and decide to eat you instead.

• they can spawn low to the ground! mine was on the very bottom of the wall. if i hadn't seen it before it was too late, i would have walked my megatherium right into it.

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