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Looking to tame a megalania? Here’s a good way how to!; step one supplies! I recommend bringing lesser antidote as anytime it bites you u get mega rabies, antidote cures it, but it’s best not to get to close, I recommend tranq darts, bring 200 narcs, and also some kibble or some mutton, (prime works too) bring some decent flak armor as well because if your playing on lost island, you are going eithor to the redwoods or the volcanic oil deposit! I find my megalanias in the oil deposit they will be hanging arround the shores of the deposit, or in the redwoods, they live in a cave behind the waterfall assuming north west? Of the castle, well it’s somewhere next to the castle with the water fall that u go to, I never actually found any there but I figured you might wanna give it a shot? Ok here’s how to knock them; maintain distance, the only reason is if you get ambushed from behind if your too close to the megalania it will just bite u, so if you maintain distance it will give you time to get rid of the creature tryna impede on your quest, next make sure it’s aggro on you, shoot it in the head with your tranq darts until knock out. Look for any possible Dodics that it tried to kill and get rid of them, as they will still be aggro on the megalania, feed it mutton or prime, and occasionally feed it narcs (by occasionally I mean every 30 seconds or so). Congrats you have tamed this venomous lizard solo! But for what purpose? Here what they are good for!; Transport, arriving in style is always important for a survivor, also safety! Also a very good tame on pvp, as it’s venom even when tamed will get a enemy tribe mate infected witch will get his or her tribe infected with mega rabies, and the antidote is expensive! Pvp it’s a decent cave mount, of course it isn’t the best per say, but it’s a good idea to have in mind, also there eggs make good kibble! Thanks for reading and happy taming!

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