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I’m level 72 ish and managed to tame a level 55 - I used over 80 narcotics and hundreds of Narcoberries.

Luckily there wasn’t much around when doing this I’d say it took about 30-45 minutes to tame I let it starve to nearly halfway (go halfway is my tip) bring a high level Parasaur or Trike it’s ability to harvest huge amount of Narcos from bushes nearby without it - no chance. Only ate something like 15-20 meats after it starved for that long which was a bonus. If another Mega does come near bola it and draw it’s attention away better yet get the Mega your trying to take away - it does run off though when it’s close to being knocked out so you may not be able too. So. Lots of Narcos the more the better, low level or run out narcs get para of trike with you.

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