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'Are you just trying to get me to talk about myself?'

'Because if you are... I will gladly do so!'


Well Tamatoa hasn't always been this glam

I was a drabble little crab once

Now I know I can be happy as a clam

Because I'm beautiful, baby~

Did your granny say

"Listen to your heart, be who you are on the inside"?

I need 3 words to tear her arguement apart


I'd rather be


Like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck

Scrub the deck and make it look


I will sparkle like a wealthy woman's neck


Just a sec, don'tcha know

Fish are dumb dumb dumb?

They chase anything that glitters?

Beginners! Oh...

And here they come come come to the brightest thing that

Glimmers! Mmm, fish dinners!

I just love free food... (Free food!)

And you look like sea food! (SEA FOOD...)

"Hey, crab cake!"

"I'm back... mmmmwah."

"I I I I T ' S M A U I T I M E"

"Whatdya say, little buddy? Giant hawk? Comin' up!"


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