The cave (ep 4 S1

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The cave (ep 4 S1

When the man and the girl got to a safe place, the girl told the man her name. She said her name was Lola. And the man's name was Evan. "So..what was that sound?" Evan said quietly. Lola said it was a Karkinos, a giant, crab like creature. "Its dangerous to get near water. There could be many of them in water." Then, they both heard a YIP. Lola went from hiding to exploring what that sound was. She grabbed her spear and walked quietly. She dropped her spear and quietly said "Awww! How cute!!" She saw a baby lost bulbdog! "Wheres your family, lil guy? Or girl?". Evan came out and saw the bulbdog as well. They then saw a thing. A floaty thing. It was a reaper. Lola grabbed the bulbdog and hid behind a large rock with Evan. The reaper found them. But, they had a bulbdog, and that bulbdog got too scared, that it emitted light! The reaper backed off, but it said "Dont trust yourself." And then chuckled. LIKE FOR LAST EP OF S1

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