Tales From the Arks Season 3 Chapter 1

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Tales From the Arks Season 3 Chapter 1

The jerboas instantly recognized each other and they began to fill each other in about what happened.

Shadow:so after radars 500th stupid idea we killed the Titans via a heck of a lot of explosives. Oh, I should ask, do you still have the case I gave you?

Thunder:Yeah, I have it right here

Thunder begins to open the case before...

Shadow: STOP!

Thunder instantly jumps back as shadow yells and closes the case

Thunder:Why? whatโ€™s wrong?

Shadow: We have to build suspense, we canโ€™t just reveal it to the readers yet.

Radar: Wait what readers?

Shadow: Not important. Moving on. Itโ€™ll be very important later, protect it with your life... actually use a life with no value like radar.

Radar:Why do you always pick on me? I have feelings too you know. Itโ€™s important to respect everyone as everything finds its way back to you. That is why you shouldn-

Shadow: yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah, nobody cares, there are no consequences to our actions.


Shadow: Not over your idiocy.

Radar: I SWEAR I WI-

Shadow: get us killed again? Yeah, your really good at that.

Scar: can everyone shut up?

Shadow: radar canโ€™t. Anyways did you guys manage to kill rockwell?

Scar: nope

Thunder: we used an obelisk to escape

Shadow: wonderful. Enough bickering can we start making progress towards what we are trying to do?

Radar: thatโ€™s what I was trying t-

Shadow: ok nobody cares letโ€™s go

And so their journey continued as this chapter endedโ€ฆ or something like that. Sorry for the long break we lost motivation but we will try to write more. #FF4L bye everyone have a great day! -Harpocrates and The Dino

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