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“Oh boy I can’t wait to tame this Sarco. Better make sure I give him some narcotics so he doesn’t-“

Removed - 100 Narcotics


Removed - Primitive Shotgun

(Nervous sweating)

(Sarco wakes up)

“Okay this is fine as long as I make it to my Icthyosaurus parked right over-“

Your Icthyosaurus (lvl 20) was killed by a wild Cindaria (lvl 2)

“Um well I had my pteranodon following me he should be fine-wait why is he attacking the icthyornises?”

Your Pteranodon (lvl 2) was killed by a wild Icthyornis (lvl 100)

“Wait a minute the difficulty is on the easiest se-“

You were killed by Sarco (lvl 50)

(Not real btw)

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