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So me and my brother had just tamed 3 dodos (btw I love dodos so much I can play ark without taming like 20) so I wanted him to play legitly witj no cheats,(also I'm a girl) which we did. So he decided to take us adventuring on a boat he built... Of course I didn't want to go without my dodos is so we brought them onto the raft and we sailed away. He saw an obilisk with good gear in it and decided to go pick it up. We ended up staying there for the night, I left my dodos on the raft thinking it would be safer then them coming on land (I would die to keep dem dodos safe) so I went to go get some wood for the fire at night because it was dark and I couldn't see... When I come back I notice one dodo is gone... I asked my brother if he killed it and he said no, i go back and there is only one left!! Then next thing I know a bird is taking my other one into the air to kill it my brother quickly uses his sling shot and the bird lets go of my dodo. Then the bird picks me up and I die..

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