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Alright, so I failed at this over and over again, and here’s what I learned so you’re not like me.

Don’t try to trap in rails or low walls, you’ll need something at least three high to not worry about them waltzing over.

Don’t get in front of them, they’ll bounce, and if they bounce, don’t chase them, if they run once all the progress depletes rapidly.

Use cactus soup or whatever it’s called, not bug spray (obviously).

If you get one trapped randomly in a rock, do not move when you pet it at all, and try to pet it when it’s looking away from you, it’ll be a lot safer.

Don’t try to tame the alpha, and don’t try to tame one near the alpha.

Once you attempt to tame one, and they end up running (at least for me), you cannot tame again 85% of the time, they just book it when you pet them.

If you’re not trapping, stay directly behind, and pray it doesn’t suddenly turn around.

Hope this helps someone, everyone deserves a dog.

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