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A hyenadon has a unique way of taming and is by far one of the hardest to try if not experienced. Here are some things on how to tame these beloved doggos.

1. EQUIP GHILIE ARMOR. This will help you keep camouflage and decreases the chances of the flighty creature spot you.

2. GRAB A FLYING TAME. It is a good idea to have an argentavis or a pteranodon to fly over the area you find a hyena pack.

3. BEWARE OF THE PACK'S SURROUNDINGS. It is always a good idea to think about the surroundings. If you happen to find a hyenadon pack NEARBY A DANGEROUS THREAT like a T-rex, it is best to try to LURE THE HYENAS AWAY, or you can simply FIND ANOTHER PACK if you aren't looking for trouble.

4. PICK YOUR HYENA! As you scout the hyenadon pack, OBSERVE the pack with a SPYGLASS while you are in the air on on high ground, just far enough to WHERE THE PACK CANT REACH YOU. Some hyena packs HAVE SPECIAL COLORS like BLUE AND GREEN. It is a rare occurrence, but there is a chance.

5. STALK. Once you have chosen a hyena, place your tame in a spot far away from the hyenas. If the pack contains 3 MEMBERS OR MORE, they will BE AGRESSIVE and TRY TO ATTACK YOUR TAME. CROUCH down near the hyenas and KEEP AN EYE on your chosen doggo. Once your desired buddy is FAR ENOUGH FROM THE REST of the pack, STAY BEHIND the hyenadon.

6. PETTING TIME. Once you get behind the hyena, PET them and the taming affinity will grow while the taming process continues. If you are quick enough, going your characters INVENTORY, go to the top and go to the BIRDPRINT MARK and click on TRACK ALL. Exit that setting and get back to taming. A MARK AILL APPEAR in front of the hyena and will SHOW YOU IF THE TAMING PROCESS GOES DOWN. Time to pet again! This happens EVERY 30 SECONDS so make sure to keep track!

This process may take long depending on the doggo's level, but pet them until they are tamed.

I'm sorry this was a long trip but for ones who made it to this last paragraph, congrats! You now know how to tame COUNTLESS PETTING DOGGOS!!!!

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