1st Taming Attempt: I Find.

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1st Taming Attempt: I Find. I Get Carrots. I Try To Tame. Easy Right? *Omnious ROARRR* And I'm Like Oh S***! The Equss Refuses To Move And It Dies By A Damn Rex While I Run Away Like "YOUR ON YOUR OWN BUDDY,BYEEE." 2nd Attempt To Tame: I Find Another Equus. Get More Carrots. Successful Tame! I Run Around On This Equus For Two Days In Game. I Hear Heavy Footsteps And Turn Around Slowly And An Allo Pack Is Like , "HELLO SNACKY SNACK" My Equus Dies. And I Die. And Then I Throw My Controller At The TV Like "DAMN IT ARK CANT I HAVE A DAY OF PEACE" Ty For Wasting Your Time Reading. This Happy Trails! 😁🤣😝😎

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