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(I'm on mobile) Once upon a time I was taming that sorta…

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(I'm on mobile) Once upon a time I was taming that sorta rolly polly dino that I can't spell , and I saw an equus , a majestic creature that was mainly pale , but had orange legs , I pulled out my spyglass and saw it was a level 2... but I wanted an equus so bad I didnt care. I bought 5x soothing balm and took Iggy the iguanadon and gathered some rockcarrots. After taming this trotting little guy I rode him all around , looking for a female to get some awesome mutations , I found 2 more males at Carrot cake's spawn point (I named the equus carrot cake lol)

But I couldn't find a female anywhere! 😭. 3 Days later I'm still searching for a female... Up this if females of any species are SUPER hard to find , wish me luck! ♥️

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