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How to tame a Dunkleosteus

1: Get Bio Toxin/Narcotics, Crossbow with Tranq’ Arrows, and Prime Meat or Raw Meat

2: Wear a Scuba Tank or eat Lazarus Chowder

3: Ride an underwater mount and find the Dunkleosteus you’d like to tame, then kill all nearby fish that could be dangerous.

4: Swim around it and shoot its backside(not it’s head) until it falls unconscious.

5: Put the meat and narcotics you brought and wait. (If it’s torpor level drops under half, force feed it narcotics.)

6: Once it’s tamed, either have it follow you home, equip a saddle and ride it home(not recommended if you used a mount) or go home on your own and Request/Teleport it to you.

Happy taming!

(Tested in Ark Mobile)

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