The Lord of Flames Part 21

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The Lord of Flames Part 21

Strapped to the wall were 3 containers. The first had a rock drake in it with unique purple spikes. The second had another rock drake with blue spikes. The third had one that was almost entirely black. They were labeled: Amethyst, Bluefeathers, Obsidian. Each one were un hypersleep.

“No. No. No. No. NO!” The Crystal Wyvern Queen attempted to kill them in their containers but they were made of some kind of Yellow TEK. It was two decades since the three drakes killed the Crystal Wyvern Queen. And the attack was so devastating that the Overseer took a decade trying to revive her.

“Let’s just forget about them and get out of- The Broodmother Lysrix said, attempting to calm her down. “I WILL RUIN THEM!!!” Then the Dragon and Lysrix had to wrestle her out of the room…

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