The Lord of Flames Part 20

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The Lord of Flames Part 20

The Dragon charged up a huge energy beam that knocked The Manticore into a pillar. The Crystal Wyvern Queen struck the Manticore with her tail then somehow made a crystal appear out of the ground and strike the Manticore in the stomach, pushing him into the ceiling.

The Manticore ripped off the huge crystal and blasted a large amount of yellow, glowing bombs at Lysrix, who wrapped them in silk and threw them into the lava pit. “THATS IT!” He emitted a huge beam of energy that slammed the Guardians into the ground so hard that they fell into the basement.

“Are you ok?” The Dragon asked. Lysrix and the Crystal Wyvern Queen both stared at something behind him. “What is it?” Then he looked behind him, shocked to see what was there…

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