The Lord of Flames Part 13

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The Lord of Flames Part 13

“WYVERIA?!?” Yelled the Dragon. “Um… I can explain.” Said the Crystal Wyvern Queen. “I was gonna cut him off when he took me by surprise and knocked this mask on my head-“. The others entered the room. The Manticore was the first to witness. “I KNEW IT! IT WAS HER!”

“No she was FRAMED! I could explain it to you!” The Dragon responded. “OH if you KNOW so MUCH, then YOU could be the murderor’s ACCOMPLICE!” The Manticore yelled. Lysrix got in between them and said, “NEITHER OF THEM WERE THE MURDEROR! IT WAS YOU THE WHOLE TIME!” The Manticore neglected this. “WHAT PROOF DO YOU HAVE?!?”

And then Lysrix explained what she saw to the Dragon and the Crystal Wyvern Queen.

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