The Lord of Flames Part 12

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The Lord of Flames Part 12

The Dragon and his comrades were chasing The Dark Claw up the stairs. “Try to catch up!” He said before he jumped on a pressure plate that activated a large flow of lava coming right at them. They managed to get up the stairs, where they fell into a tar pit with a large machine about to crush them.

Lysrix nearly had her “legs” on the Dark Claw’s tail when he rolled down the stairs and immediately flipped into a hole in the wall. The Dragon knew a shortcut and punched through one of the portraits. “Whew.” Said the Crystal Wyvern Queen. “This dude is fit.” The Dark Claw laughed maniacally. “YOU TWO GET HIM! I’LL CUT HIM OFF!”

When the Dragon entered the room, he saw a figure with the same black therizinosaur mask. Then the lights went on. “Aaagh. Oh my Overseer…” The Dragon pinned the figure down, revealing who the figure was…

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