The Lord of Flames Part 9

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The Lord of Flames Part 9

The Dragon had interrogated MechaTeka, Titarian and Velona Armillo. Then, The Manticore pushed the Crystal Wyvern Queen inside the living room. “Great! Now it’s your friend’s turn!” The Manticore yelled before closing the door.

“I would understand if you did push the button on accident, or you’re being framed.” The Dragon replied to the Crystal Wyvern Queen, who was staring blankly at the fireplace. She responded, “I would never kill an innocent creature like that, NEVER. Although I wonder what that “King Pearl” fuss was about. For as long as the Dragon knew the Crystal Wyvern Queen for, since a few decades ago, he knew the Crystal Wyvern Queen was most likely not the murderor.

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