The Lord of Flames Part 7

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The Lord of Flames Part 7

“Greetings, friends.” A raspy, male, distorted voice said. “I. Am the Dark Claw. One of you has the item I need, and I will NOT rest until it has fallen into my hands. Even if I have to resort…” The lights went out again, and it forced everyone to see a vision of everything set aflame, even themselves. “….to MURDER!”

Everyone was in a huge panic, and they attempted to get out but for some reason the doors were locked. Then the Dragon punched the areas where it was being locked, and then thanks to one fist, the doors fell off their hinges. “WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THE DINING ROOM, ASAP!”

The Crystal Wyvern Queen closed the doors, and then Lysrix wrapped the doors with her silk. “I actually saw a being with a therizino head on the way inside.” She replied. “Wait, SO YOU MEAN HE WAS IN HERE THE WHOLE TIME PICKING US OUT ONE BY ONE?!?!?” Delphinium, the Astrodelphi, screamed in horror. The Dragon replied, “Ok ok calm down it’s not the end of the world. If we manage to catch the Dark Claw in the act, then we can all be safe.” The Crystal Wyvern Queen thought on this. “But how will you do it?” And the Dragon replied…

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