The Lord of Flames Part 5

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The Lord of Flames Part 5

The Crystal Wyvern Queen dodged out of the way as The Dragon used his fire breath and aimed into the deathworm’s mouth. Broodmother Lysrix, on the other hand, started attacking the death worm with silk while shooting poison at its neck and head. For whatever reason though, the Manticore was just STANDING there, as if he planned the thing all along.

The death worm was set aflame and its organs were exposed, but then, it lunged towards the Ice Wyvern guest (known as Icebane), and then ate its last meal…

The Dragon sunk his talons deep into the deathworm’s head, therefore killing it. The Manticore tried to free Icebane, but it was too late. “The loss of Icebane was a terrible thought indeed. Now we feast on the Deathworm that took his life.”

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