The Lord of Flames Part 4

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The Lord of Flames Part 4

Before any of the Ark Guardians could set foot in one of the side rooms, a deep, raspy voice boomed, “WHO DARES ENTER MY DOMAIN?” The Dragon suspected it would have came from the main tunnel. And he was right. Because a figure seemed to approach them from inside the main tunnel. Then it was revealed to be the Manticore. “Hello, old friends.”

The Manticore also revealed he had other guests, such as an heir to Moeder called Morphine, a Titanosaurus called Titaniar, and an Astrodelphi. After wandering around for a long time, Lysrix summoned a thousand spiders and ordered them to cover The Dragon’s body as a prank. But the Dragon realized it anyway and the spiders retreated. The Manticore was about to announce something, but just then, an Alpha Deathworm lunged at Crystal Wyvern Queen and nearly bit her in half…

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