The Lord of Flames Part 2

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The Lord of Flames Part 2

Dragon was sitting next between Lysrix and the Crystal Wyvern Queen on a three-seater TEK ship to Scorched Lands. But as soon as they arrived everyone except Dragon was feeling uncomfortable. Lysrix immediately drank a bottle of water. Dragon, looking around before turning, said, “This is rather suspicio-“ A trio of Rock Elementals threw rocks at him. “WILL YOU QUIT IT YOU PEBBLE MEN?!?” He breathes fire on them. Crystal Wyvern Queen wandered off and came back with an anonymous invitation to a place called Estate Scorcher. Lysrix, feeling ashamed said, “It’s too bad that the both of you can fly, I could only WALK.” Dragon then replied, “You can hop on my back.” And then the three of them ventured towards Estate Scorcher…

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