This is how I tamed my wolves, ITS HOW I DO IT, so don't get mad :

Step 1: make 3 or 4 stone foundations, place near wolf spawn.

Step 2: make proper amount of stone doorways for this, preferably 8. Place with foundations.

Step 3: Place 2 wood or metal ramps, since there are no stone ones. Attach them to the doorways.

Step 4: if you have a buff flyer, something that can take the damage, maybe Argy, use it and find wolves and lead them to your trap. Lead them up the ramp, flying over the trap with your tame. The wolves MAY jump out, but you can re-lead them into the trap.

Step 5: When you have successfully trapped as many as you'd like, kill all nearby threats, then tranq the amount of wolves you want. If ones very low lvl or horrible stats, you can kill them.

Step 6: hang out with your wolf cult

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