Are u tired of dying from pack of dire wolves trying to tame one?

Well i have some few tips to tame this brave fearless guy

First of lets prepared the food from most effective to least effective

Carnotaurus kibble/mobile

Raw mutton

Raw prime meat

Cooked prime meat

Just incase

U can find dire wolfs in the cold biomes watch out for rexes. To tame one of these guys i reccomend using the fur set..u can build a box trap using 8 wooden wall 4 wooden foundation and 2 rails

I reccomend using tranq darts or trang ammo for begginers using longneck or crossbow should be good, lure the dire wolf to the box the knock it out by pleasure, the second one is a little bit safer but watch your step. This one called the pillars build a 6 pillars then get on top of it kill the dire wolf that u dont want to tame. And start shooting the high level dire wolf when its running away chase it until its knocked out, once it knocked out put ut food of choice in its inventory and make sure u have bio toxin or narcotics so it dosent wake up until its for bonus infos, dire wolf can be ridden without saddle, its really fast among sabertooth and raptors...i guess thats all i can reccomend for you guys and have ur self a very good day!

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