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Ummm you know how you can get a howl buff from them when there's two or more? Well my base is inconveinently DERECTLY ACROSS THE MAP FROM THE ARCTIC so it takes me like 10 minutes to get there. Anyway I tamed one today and it took SO FREAKING LONG to go there, find one, pick it up, bring it to a safe place, bola it, knock it out with a club, give it meat, and wait for it to tame. When I was taming one, I always have a hide sleeping bag on my Argy, so I slept there. When I woke up, the wolf was 59% tamed, so I fed it some narc. Then a sarco came runnin' at me and I killed it with my metal hatchet, got some prime, gave it to the wolf. It tamed, and Input it on a rock, flew home, requested it to my base. Done! Well it was so hard and I don't. think im gonna be taming another one.

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