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(Continuing A Dire Challenge)

Rex paced back and fourth waiting for their human to get back."Would you quite that! Pacing isn't going to make things go any faster." Kat said slightly growling.

"Sorry just a little worried" Rex growled back. The pupoys in the background Rustled and played whipping each other in the face with their tails.

Hours later the human came back Bloody Nad bruised. "Hey my dogs hows my pups!?" He patted each of their heads and rubbed their Backs."The Snow tribe didn't except our peace message so we are still going to be attacked...im sorry doggos."

Rex Growled and kat tucked her playing puppys under her. The puppys pulled on their mothers fur "MOM let us go!"Kat looked outside seeing their human sit down under the roof watching the snow fall.

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