I was out Raptor hunting when I came across a Diplo that…

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I was out Raptor hunting when I came across a Diplo that seemed to have appeared right next to me out of nowhere. For a moment I think it’s a Bronto, but I quickly realise that it’s a little small for that, so I go over to check what it is. “Diplodocus” is what appears, much to my delight. I’m about to let it be and continue my hunt when I notice it walking towards me. A little cautious, as I am with any Dino I haven’t encountered before (I’m a noob) I walk to the side to try and see if it’s following me or if it’s just a coincidence. Nope, definitely locked on. Worried now,I quickly leave the game to check Dododex if, for whatever stupid reason, Diplos are aggressive. When I discovered it was completely the opposite, however, I eagerly returned to the game, then laughed as I let the Diplo yeet me around the beach. I lead her back to my home and wedged myself in the corner of some stone foundations so she could continue to play with me while I tamed her. I wanted to name her something cool, but Dippy just suits her!

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