I was just walking around not far from my base when I see…

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I was just walking around not far from my base when I see a diplo without noticing the cliff it’s coincidentally standing by. As I’m looking at it I think: why not, I have the food, I’ll just tame it. So I go over to it getting ready to tame it and I notice something...

First, It’s already tamed.

Second, it has a saddle.

Third, there is a player in the saddle.

And fourth, there is this mischievous vibe to the player, as if he sat there on his diplo next to the cliff on purpose just to troll people who were playing ark when they know they should probably be getting some sleep instead. Well... that’s exactly what the case was, I looked up at him pleadingly but he had no mercy and in a second I was yeeted off the cliff. BUT I HIT A TREE AND DIDNT DIE. So naturally since I was close to my base and wasn’t going to stand for that injustice I ran over there, grabbed my army of dimorphodons, and all he heard was a whistle before he got swarmed by my army of flying demons. I laughed evilly as I watched that frekker get ripped to shreds.

Oh and I found his base shortly after, but I wasn’t so cruel as to raid him. I was WAY worse. Instead, I left some of the meat from his diplo on his doorstep, knocked on the door and ran. What? I had already cooked it for him.

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