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To all the people saying the dinopithecus sucks, or this isn’t a dinosaur blah blah blah..kick rocks. One this isn’t 2017, we have a whole Arsenal of dinos that aren’t dinos, too include dragons and space whales, even baby stealing platapus, so get dumped on. Two, the same old same old two legged reptiles and 4 legged mammals were getting old. People grew tired of using the same whole rexs for bosses and thaylas for caves. This is a breath of fresh air, and it’s a modest one at that. HP and Damage is on par with thyla/shadowmane, but with interesting twists such as helmets instead of saddle(more armor but degrades) and can throw poop and grenades. I tamed my first 145 yesterday and I’ve been completely happy with it in these early days of the new dlc!

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