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So it turns out that if you set this thing to aggressive and have it perch on your shoulder, it can shout at you to warn of incoming danger, which the Mesopithecus(Monkey) is also capable of, but will instead go “TAH! OOH- OOH!”. This is pretty useful in case you are near an animal that you won’t be able to survive an encounter with and don’t realize it. Dimorphodon will also throw a rather hard bite at your enemy to give you a fair hand in escaping, and may kill other creatures looking to prevent you returning home, however Mesopithecus is a better guardian because your monkey will throw balls of poop that slow the predator down, giving you the upper hand should it be that you should stand no chance should you decide to kill the predator. Either way both are quite effective at vocally warning you of danger ahead of time so you have time to correct your position to a safer location.

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