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If I could have 40 of one type of creature in ark, it would be this one. If you have at least 4 of them, you can look through a spyglass, press attack target, and watch your heat-seeking missiles wipe the target off the face of the earth in seconds. They are easy to tame too, as long as they are alone. If you hit one then all of them will immediately attack, swooping in to deal way too much damage and then swooping out of range. It is smart to bola them but I just use crossbow/tranq arrow. They only need one tranq arrow and their out. They tame quickly, but their torpor drains fast so you’ll need one biotoxin/two narcotics. It is easily worth it though. In groups they can take down much larger prey, but on their own they can easily die so make a pack before going on a hunt. Also don’t send them to attack brontos, Ankys, or stegos unless they have very large numbers! Rip Dimorphie, Morpha, Green Rocket and Blue Streak. All in all they are AMAZING creatures.

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