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So, once I was walking around near a swamp, when I find one of these guys sitting next to me. I had no recollection of taming it, in fact, this specific one had killed me three times, but there it stood, offering me three eggs and 19 narcoberries. Funny thing was, it was tamed to me. My mind was all like β€œhow is this happening?” I, Uhh, shrugged it off, asked it to follow me to my base and left it there while I killed a few Titanoboas (by a few I mean 15). When I return, the thing’s got 2 more eggs and all my crops have speed grown. My Kaprosuchuses even had 3 more levels to chuck on their huge scaled bodies. Someone tell me what on earth is going on with this Dimorphodon, it’s driving me nuts. Sorry if this isn’t funny to you, I didn’t know what else to put it under.

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