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Bruh I kept finding females only and after the 10th female I finally found a male💀 I was starting to think that there’s only females on mobile bruh, anyways these dinos are really useful if your level 60 or below( except those who found the air conditioner blue print in a drop) because these Dino can be used as a portable air conditioner, and you don’t unlock the air conditioner blue print until level 61 and obviously you’re already going to be breeding some Dino before that. Dimetrodon are in the swamp so they may be a little hard to obtain, dimetrodon aren’t rare but like hard to spot due to the shadows of trees and swamp floating grass or whatever in the water so you know makes it a bit hard too. On mobile these Dino prefer quetzal kibble and their torpor drops EXTREMELY fast so make sure to bring lots of bio toxins/narcotics and bring kibble to make the taming better, also make sure to tame a high level one for higher melee stat because for every 100% of melee is equal to a single air conditioner, for example if my dimetrodon has a melee of 300% it is equivalent to 3 air conditioners. Which is also another reason why you may want to chose a dimetrodon even after having the air conditioner blue print because dimetrodon saves you a ton of resources AND space especially when your done with breeding your dinos you can just unclaimed them and you didn’t waste much time on building all those air conditioner and wasting more time on destroying them. So tame a dimetrodon to make hatching eggs a lot easier👍🏽 -V

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