The dirty water would sometimes infect the inexperienced…

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The dirty water would sometimes infect the inexperienced who drank it, but the parents would prevent them for the most part.

However, this juvenile dilo lost its parents at such a young age, and knew none about the dangers of the water. One day it got thirsty, and so it drank. It wasn't satisfied though, in fact, it got thirstier. So it kept drinking.

Soon the poor juvi was dehydrated and desperate, and it didn't help that it started to burn up.

The dilo eventually seized up and just fell down, shaking as if it were having a seizure. Usually, predators would take huge advantage of ill prey, buy they know this poor dilo had drank the ARK swampland's contaminated waters, and there were safer ways to get food.

The dilo shook and shook until it began to sneeze uncontrollably and vomit blood, and soon it became too weak to do anything.

A survivor noticed the poor thing on an equus and dragged it to their base, using a lasso

He fed the dilo some medicine, but it was still too weak.

He washed it, gave it ice, massaged it, any treatment he could think of, but the juvenile showed no signs of improvement.

However, the man had faith. He was determined and still kept trying to help the poor juvenile. After a week, it finally began to walk again, eat again and drink again, and he gave the dilo healthy water to quench its thirst.

2 weeks and it could move normally, but still had random seizures. It also happened that one morning, while the man had breakfast, the dilo was walking around and into the wall. It bumped its head twice before turning into the next and walking out the room. The poor thing was blind.

It also couldn't smell properly as when smoke had filled the building, the dilo still kept walking around with no sense of panic whatsoever, continuing to bump into walls. The survivor tried to help it the best he could using all the remedies he knew of, but the damage was irreparable.

He realized that he couldn't release the dilo, as it can't even seem to smell food and had problems with breathing whereas he would have to give it an air tube every now and then.

He figured since he would have to keep it, he'd name it Splitter, and they've been friends ever since. Despite the dilo's troubles, they loved each other to the bottom of their hearts, all the way to the end.

By the time it reached adolescence, Splitter had passed away due to lung problems. Her friend made a gravestone and put flowers on it as a tribute. He considered reviving Splitter, but he knew it was best that it would be put to rest.

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