{A New Home; Chapter 2} After the pitch-black night, we…

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{A New Home; Chapter 2} After the pitch-black night, we packed our stuff and went to find a new home to settle down into. I fixed up another few spears before we left, knowing how there were so many raptors and Terror birds, I'd rather not be spear-less if we do encounter them. We walked around for a good few minutes, searching what each special place we saw had to offer. Eventually, we find some sort of an ancient castle that was nearly fully intact. I took a step toward it before Josh pulled me back.

"Hey! What'd you do that for?"

"A castle like that is gonna be taken by wild animals or another tribe. For all we know, it could be another base of the tribe that raided us. We really don't wanna-" Before Josh could finish, a raptor pounced him. He was defenseless and pinned, while I stood in shock. My heart beating, my brain spinning. It happened so fast, but it didn't take long for me to recover and pierce the raptor.

I strike it in the face with my spear, but it kept attacking him. After a few more pokes, it finally backed up and rushed for me, but Josh pokes its cheat while vulnerable, causing blood to spill all over his face. Another raptor comes right towards us, and me and Josh poke it multiple times at the same time, causing it to fall back. It retreats before accidentally crashing into a Therizino.

We never saw that raptor again.

"Okay, you were saying?" I said as I brushed off the wounds, wiping some of the blood off.

"Damn it, I forgot. Dumb raptors coming out of nowhere. Anyway, we shouldn't go into that castle."

"Ugh fine, we won't go." I said while I ate some meat to get some health back.

Josh snatches the meat out my hand and eats it for himself. "These are for emergencies only. If your hungry, go eat some berries or carrots."

I whined. "Now where are we gonna find-" Our conversation was cut short by yet another Terror bird that rushed Josh down and tore through his shirt, again. Ripping into the skin and causing immense damage.

Before it could do more damage, I poked it with the spear. It didn't like that.

It screeched and turned to me to rush me down, but before it could reach me, Josh threw the spear into its side, causing it to fall and bleed to death.

"F--, ah damn it!" Josh screamed as he winced.

"You good bro?" I reached for his wounds.

"I just fixed this shirt before we left! And yet some dumb bird tore through it, again!"

I rolled my eyes.

"We really can't settle down here anyway. Too many birds and ra-"

The rest of the conversation was slurred. As I looked behind him, an Allosaurus was approaching, and fast.

"Josh, shut the f-- up and run. Don't look behind you, just RUN!" I panicked.


Before he could ask, the Allosaurus noticed us. It didn't seem like it was alone either. As it came out of the trees, 2 more were following close behind, and they all walked towards us.

"Oh, give me a break!"

Me and Josh ran as fast as we could, but we knew Allosaurus could catch up in just 4 seconds, so we tried to maneuver behind trees and rocks, but they caught up anyway. However it didn't kill us. It ran in front of us and blocked us off as the other two that was behind it cornered us in a triangle.

"Now what are you intruders doing here?"

Me and Josh looked around as we heard a voice, but it turned out to be a tall, muscular man walking up to us in flak armor with a rex skull as a hat, holding an assault rifle.

"We didn't mean to intrude, we were just looking for a home." I said respectfully and calmly.

"Mhm, and how do I know you weren't gonna raid my base?" The man put his hands on his hips, grunting.

"Dude, do we look equipped for a raid? We have nothing but hide armor and spears. We don't even have a mount!" Josh remarked.

The person in the flak armor laughed for a good while, and I awkwardly laughed along though I had no clue why he was laughing.

"Pftt, I know that! I'm just messing around." He wiped his eyes as he finished. "Anywho, you'd better get out of here. The leader won't be happy if she knew I was talkin' to some outsiders."

"She?" Josh questioned. I nudged him and shook my head while giving a scorn look.

"You look pretty beat up. Here, I got some regular med brews to heal you up in no time. Try to save them for emergencies, though." He offered.

"Won't you need these for, ya know..?" I questioned.

"Nah, I've literally got thousands of them. I wouldn't mind giving a few."

"Oh, well, thanks." I commented.

"Yeah sure, now get outta here before you're seen, and take this bow. You'll need it."

We grabbed the bow out from his hands and waved goodbye to him and his growling Allos whom eyes we could feel on us as we left, and treaded on to our journey to find a spot to settle down at.

Chapter 3 coming soon(Rex page)

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