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Once pain a time I tamed a level three dilo. For some reason it just would not follow me, so out of anger I left it in the forest in which dwelled raptors, therizinos, and even a few carnos. Later that day I joined a tribe, and forgot all about my little dilo, who I was sure had been killed by some horrid beast (I had set him to aggressive after all). Three months later I was checking the tames list and there was my dilo, alive and well on the list. I was overjoyed he had survived. I went to find him. As I came near the spot I had left home I received an alert. It said β€œDilophosaur lvl 3 was killed by Dilophosaur lvl 1”. After that, let’s just say that anyone with dilophosauaphobia would feel safe and happy in that forest.

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