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Definitely a dino worth your time and effort, you can snatch the eggs super early game with a lymantria by luring and cropdusting the parents, and they can be bred for boss battles and PvP.

A few tips:

-No fall damage

-Pounce range and direction is determined by what you're aiming at with your mouse, imagine an invisible crosshair in the middle of your screen. -The pounce goes a lot further than you think, they can latch onto hovering Manticore, as their vertical wall leap (once latched) is 5-6 walls.

-They can still pounce/wall climb when overencumbered, with the same range/mobility, so you can just hop home with all that metal ore you're carrying.

-A fang symbol will appear on pouncable targets, you just have to press Jump once and watch your Deino turn into a raptor sized homing leech missile. For some reason argies are no problem, but YutyS are unpouncable.

-You will need to target Hp, StaM and dmg

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