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Deinonychus: all you need to know

The deinonychus is a raptor-like carnivore best used in packs of at least 3. They do a bleed effect that can stack, so having multiple deinonychus will be no less than deadly to any enemies. You can’t actually tame a deinonychus in the wild due to their high intelligence and the strong bond they have with their pack. To acquire a deinonychus you must steal a fertile egg from one of their nests. It is best to distract the pack than to take it head on. The danger of this feat is being swarmed by a pack, so one should stay as far as possible from a actual wild deinonychus. If need be, to kill a deinonychus it is best to use a strong ranged weapon. You can use a sword or a powerful mount as well, but it is best to avoid hand-to-claw combat. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day. ^ for more

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