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Excellent at breeding mutations these raptors are merciless when you get a pack of 5 or more, set them on dinos after buffing them with your pack leader and watch a literal biological meat grinder, recommend going with hp mutations as they have non existent health pools and are essentially glass cannons however their sheer numbers and vicious stacking bleed dot (damage over time) not to mention 0 fall damage from ANY height and the ability to traverse any terrain above water (not terrible in the water for a land dino) make this raptor very desirable it should be noted that the pack mate buff (press C on computer) can be used while attacking, moving, falling, swimming, or while latched onto an enemy dino, (activation will uncouple you from enemy dino) most of the time not even playing the animation allowing you to get powered up and not miss a single attack from the leader or pack, Deinonychus FTW!!!

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