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To Raise- (on official vanilla servers)

This new guy is pretty much like a raptor. There are 4 imprints 8 hour apart from each other. The egg incubation is 5 hours (like a Wyv). The baby stage is roughly 4 hours and the baby will be a Juvy at 10% (like any normal baby). Be careful though if hatching low level guys as they eat 3 meat per sitting so they go through it fast, and if leaving overnight there is a chance of starvation. Mine was a 140 and it’s food value is 3800. We hatched them Sunday morning at 10:30am (Juvy by 2:30pm) and my final Imprint is Monday evening at 6:30. He is now an Adolecent. Saddles unlock at lvl 32. Hopefully this helps you all because we had to test it in order to get the proper information. (R.I.P Lvl 100). GoodLuck !

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