The battle for dominance part one

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The battle for dominance part one

Feather 6 year old deinonychus

Claws 10 year old Deinonychus

Dash 18 year old deinonychus

The battle for dominance continued as Velo Was fighting for dominance against Dash’s father Velo had a great victory. It was dash’s turn to fight. and that Velo was 30 years old dash’s I was only 18 and Velo has won many dominance fights, but never against dash’s father it was the third round of the battle of dominance, Velo said insultingly to Dash I have beaten 40 year old deinonychus I’ll easily be able to defeat 18 year old dash Replied, you may beat me, but it’s not gonna ruin my family’s name Velo opened up, his sharp claws, ready to rip the feathers fresh from dashes skin as Velo is ready to pounce in the blink of an eye dash was gone. The crowd of deinonychus murmured, where did she go? Velo slept around, but couldn’t catch onto sent. All he could smell was popcorn. He growled as he caught onto a deinonychus sent that smelled like an 18 year-old like dash and then, out of nowhere, a dust devil the Deinonychus were worried. What could it be they all yelled Velo said it isn’t windy at all, what created a dust devil dash span in a circle around the entire arena, making the dust devil just to suck Velo into the air. Velo opened out his claws as a parachute as he fell his feathers were opened, acting as a parachute there, or landed flat on his feet and went to the real fight the little pounced on dash. but dash used that to her advantage Velo was about to bite dash’s leg but dash bit Veloz snout, shoving very low to the ground dash had won the fight dash went out with her two sisters claws and feather feather was the baby of the group dash and her sisters went to the beach. Feather went for a swim feather was splashing around in the water, kicking jellyfish in the face, while megalodons were swimming, for her feather noticed the megalodon. fins. Sticking out of the water, but further used The diving board and her leg was stuck in some rocks. Then she saw zapping, heading towards her. It was the angry jellyfish. They were mad, because feather kicked them in the face dash Yelled for father to come back and it was time to go home but dash noticed that feather was stuck dash swam out to sea dash Grabbed a feather and pulled her free, the jellyfish chased dash and feather zapped by the jellyfish nearly being stunned, and a megalodons bit dash in the tail escape the Waters, but after Dash saved feather Dash was shot with a tranquilizer dart, and fell asleep, feather and claws looked at each other, wondering what to do they were netted and tranquilized as the sleeping deinonychus were being dragged away clause could see where they were being dragged, and then officially fell asleep. What will happen in their adventures next find out in part two on raptor Author of this story, dino nerd

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