Dangers beneath part three

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Dangers beneath part three

Feather 5 year old deinonychus

Claws 10 year old deinonychus

Dash 18 year old deinonychus

As the Raptors were ready, for battle While feather played outside. She looked curiously at something coming from the ground. She sniffed it, and then she bit it A gigantic snake, a rose from the ground, hissed at feather, and slithering around feather getting A tight grip on her claws saw the problem. She jumped at the basilisk the basilisk hissed, shoving claws off dash woke up and left to get a dodo 🦤 for dinner but then saw the angry basilisk about to kill feather. Feather was so scared, but then she got brave and yelled at the basilisk to let her go or else the basilisk replied I won’t let you go no matter what this is what you get for biting somebody’s tail.dash Pounced at the basilisk, biting its face The basilisk tried to throw dash off of its face feather bit. The basilisks tail again, hissed in pain, throwing dash off of his head and letting go of feather. The deinonychus ran back inside, and the Raptors use their mad skills to scare off the basilisk the hunters arrived with spears, nets and Trank darts, shocking tranquilizers The hunters saw the Raptors and went to war raptors were netted and taken after exo was netted dash Ran after exo to bite the ropes apart, so exo could escape feather I was pouncing on A lot of the hunters, one of them grabbed a feather and shoved her to the ground. The hunters, muzzled feather, wrapping her up with ropes, dragging her away. Claws ran after further to get her. but claws was nearly netted, and taken away dash Was worried about feather dash Found a deinonychus feather. It came from feather 🪶🪶🪶🪶🪶. The wind blew , and the one feather was really five dash collected the feathers and kept them The Raptors heard loud thumping the ground shook. As a carcharodontosaurus came from the woods dash Ran at the carcharodontosaurus going to bring it down claws yelled at dash to do nothing about the Carcharodontosaurus but dash did it anyway dash Was slammed into the ground, and then tragedy came claws ran to dash to push her out of the way, but just before Claws could get to Dash. The Carcharodontosaurus stomped to the ground, stomping on dash blood splattered on the ground, and the carcharodontosaurus walked away claws was so sad that she started to cry as dash was crushed claws yelled out nooooooooooo daaaaash claws yelled at the Carcharodontosaurus in anger. You killed my sister. The carcharodontosaurus growled at claws and walked away The Raptors and claws couldn’t find it dash’s body. Either way they made a grave stone. and the text on the gravestone said (dash a great Warrior, a friend, a sister, a leader R.I.P rest in peace dash) After placing flowers at the gravestone, the Raptors went back to their homes but clause stayed at the gravestone till night time. Once it was night time the Raptors took claws into her shelter. Claws couldn’t get any sleep 💤 The night of the ashes death 💀 find out what happens next in the amazing deinonychus‘s adventures. Find out what happens next on Giganotosaurus

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