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Human: *Walks By Deinoychus Nest*

Deinoychus: "Hippity Hoppity"...*goes to maul a ovis*

Human: "What'd You say?" *Walks Closer To Nest.*

Deinoychus: *Turns Around And Tilts Head Cutely*

Human: "Oo Look! An Egg , I Hope You Don't Mind If I..." *Human Picks Up Egg*

Deinoychus: *Makes An Enraged Face* "I said... HIPPITY HOPPITY STAY AWAY FROM MY F**KING PROPERTY B***CH"

(20 Mins Later)

Human: *Goes Back To The Deinoychus Nest*

Human: "Where's My Stuff?"

Deinoychus: "Gone , Reduced To Atoms."

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