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One happy day, it was wandering around with its freinds, drinking a beer, having a conversation. the usual, you know? They decided to go walk back to their giant shed full of beer, as they had run out. When they got there, they saw it was in ruins, all their beer gone, and several humans lugging it away. They went to persue the thieves, but the criminals disappeared into the woods, and they could find no trace of the culprits. Other then that they were humans, they could not tell exactly who had taken their delicious beverages! Enraged, the group of freinds went out, telling everyone of their kind of what happened. To this day, all chalicotheriums are convinced that every human they see was one of the culprits of the disaster, and do their best to destroy them. The end, I hope you enjoyed, up vot if you want more of these stories on other animals! Thank you!

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